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Budgetary Hemlock: Nevada Seeks to Eliminate Philosophy

The Boston Review has an interesting piece up about the potential shuttering of a university philosophy department, written by the chair of said department, Todd Edwin Jones.  Always interesting when government action leads to discarding a department concerned with thought … Continue reading

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Battle of the Budget Bulge: Living Within Our Means?

Published in The Huffington Post Over the past few weeks I have followed, with something oscillating between frustrated interest and frustrated apathy, what now passes for political theater. Or, I should say, budget-minded theater, for never has a topic of debate … Continue reading

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How to Deceive a Client Without Really Trying

Note: The following is an abridged and easier to understand version of a previous post entitled Legerdemath II: Anatomy of a Banking Trick . If you are mathematically inclined and have some time on your hands, mosey on over there. … Continue reading

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Twitter anyone?

While I can’t say I like Twitter – even the word makes me tw- I mean shudder – I need (using “need” loosely here) more Twitter followers. Why? To spread the word about my future articles. If you add me … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power: Dueling Perspectives

Perhaps not diametrically opposed but nonetheless… The first, courtesy of Zero Hedge, entitled “PoWeR CoRRuPTs; NUCLEAR POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY” The second, courtesy of The New York Times, entitled “At U.S. Nuclear Sites, Preparing for the Unlikely” The titles … Continue reading

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The Lincoln Laywer

I posted my take on The Lincoln Lawyer on The Huffington Post as my take is a book review of sorts. Of course you could just read the complete version I posted on (under the “Experiments” tab), but my … Continue reading

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Deutsche Bank to Pay Damages Over Swaps

(Reuters) – Germany’s top appeals court has found Deutsche Bank liable for damages on high-risk interest rate swaps it sold, a landmark decision that could set off a wave of other claims. The judge, summing up the client’s abilities: “Just … Continue reading

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Legerdemath II: Anatomy of a Banking Trick

Published with Q&A in Wall Street Oasis and in Zero Hedge In my previous article, “Legerdemath: Tricks of the Banking Trade,” I made brief mention of Treasury-rate locks: Most brazenly, we taught clients phony math that involved settling Treasury-rate locks … Continue reading

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Legerdemath: Tricks of the Banking Trade

Originally published in the Jan/Feb issue of Boston Review In the spring of 2000, I began a three-year stint on Citigroup’s corporate-derivatives team. I was just months past my twentieth birthday, with no work experience to speak of, in a … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

While I don’t like to admit it, I am a former derivatives banker…but please, call me Omer. My first-person account of corruption in the world of derivatives, “Legerdemath,” was published in the January issue of Boston Review. If you’re not … Continue reading

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